Even in today’s era, where sexual relations are more liberated, there are certain groups of women who face stricter boundaries when it comes to sex. For some women, their hymen is something that will not concern them at all when they have sex for the first time. But for others, this can be a serious matter, even defining their value as women. This means that the hymen’s tearing, due to unforeseen factors, can create extreme worry and stress. These women are presented with the solution of hymen regeneration, an operation which takes place in our Center.

What is the hymen

The hymen is a membrane close to the point of entrance for the vagina. It closes that entrance almost completely, as its primary aim is to stop microbes from penetrating and to protect young girls from sinusitis.

For young women who have not yet began their sexual activity, this membrane is usually intact, since that its tearing happens with the entrance of the penis in the female vagina, during first intercourse. However, there are cases where this hymen can tear without any prior sexual activity. This can happen mainly through intense physical workout, due to an accident, injury, or even masturbation. And of course, one must not forget the revolting case of rape.

Which women desire to have this operation

There are cases of women who wish to restore the integrity of their hymen for numerous reasons. The most common reasons requiring this hymen regeneration procedure, which used to be called hymenorrhaphy, are social or religious. Oftentimes, religious reasons, social restrictions, traditions and beliefs can require for a woman to be a virgin. The absence of virginity can lead to the depreciation of the woman’s dignity, to the annulment of a wedding or even to complicate matters of honor. But there are also cases when a woman would wish to restore her hymen after an injury. And of course, when she wants to erase the traumatic memory of a rape or an unfortunate relationship that scarred her psychologically. In these cases, women need to erase from their body and memory every traumatic or burdening experience reminding them of the past. In these cases, the restoration of the hymen’s integrity through plastic surgery can help her alleviate her disposition.

A few words on the operation

The regeneration of the hymen is a very simple procedure, which is painless and does not have any particular complications. Even blood loss is negligible. Only local anesthesia is required, with no need for sedation or hospitalization. Women can therefore resume their everyday activities immediately following the operation. In our Clinic, Dr. Naoum follows the most appropriate technique, which is adapted to the age of each woman and to the size of the hymen. He can therefore achieve the hymen’s integrity by placing special stitches along its points of rupture. These stitches are completely absorbable, and after 2 24-hour periods, the hymen is fully restored.

The results

Results are exceptional, given that the sensation of the hymen during first intercourse is not any different from the woman’s initial hymen. Hymen regeneration is definitely a good solution – mostly for women who can be seriously plagued by anxiety in their relationships due to previous unfortunate occurrences. This operation offers women the opportunity to make a fresh start, and plan their life the way they dreamed it.


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At Ananeosis clinic we strive to create the best experience possible for every patient. Your comfort level matters. Maybe this explains why so many of our patients are referred by other patients.

A free of charge consultation session with a specialized partner.

We offer a 30-60-minute consultation session with one of our partners, so that you can discuss whatever is on your mind, what you would desire and want to accomplish. Through this first meeting you will talk about your problem and some solutions will be proposed. This is also the occasion for a first discussion in order to understand the details of the surgery which corresponds to your needs and get answers to all your questions. This first step is completely free of charge. If you decide to move to the next step, which is talk to Dr. Nikolaos Naoum, our partner will handle the details for that meeting.

A consultation with your surgeon

As a next step, you will meet with Dr. Nikolaos Naoum, who specializes in Cosmetic Gynecology. During this meeting, the doctor will take the time to make a detailed medical evaluation and discuss your concerns, your expectations and the result that can be anticipated by a surgical procedure. Dr. Naoum feels that a full, personalized approach, based on your personal needs, is a basic presupposition for the proposal and undertaking of any medical action. The cost of this consultation meeting with the doctor is deducted from the overall cost of any medical procedure which will take place later on.

Therapy – Surgery

On the day of therapy or surgery, you will be welcomed by Dr. Naoum’s assistant, who will make sure that everything will take place revolving around your best possible experience. Dr. Naoum will explain once more the whole procedure and will answer any questions you may have regarding the medical action to follow.

After therapy or surgery, you will recover for as long as needed in our clinic, under the supervision and care of our staff. Given that all our treatments and surgical operations allow you to return home on the same day, you can calculate that your stay at the clinic following your treatment will not exceed 2-3 hours. Before you go home, you will receive detailed instructions to follow during the first days, regarding limitations (if any) and caring for the area’s hygiene.

Care and support after your treatment/surgery

Our presence by the side of each woman who trusts in us does not end once her therapy is completed. That is merely the beginning. Dr. Naoum will schedule a series of meetings after your treatment or surgery, to make sure that everything is evolving as it should. Apart from your scheduled meetings, we dispose a telephone number operating 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, where a specialized partner can answer all your questions. Of course, if needed, Dr. Naoum himself can be available to discuss any concern.

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