The only Cosmetic Gynecology Clinic in Greece with ISO Certification

Dr. Nikos Naoum ISO

It is normal for every woman who contacts a clinic for care and aesthetic improvement services to be concerned – among other things – of the clinic’s safety and methods.

Dr. Naoum’s Cosmetic Gynecology Clinic is the only Cosmetic and Reconstructive Gynecological Clinic in Greece which is certified according to the ISO9001 and ΙSO27001 international quality standards.

The ISO9001 standard defines the operational requirements for a clinic, so that the final service rendered can be deemed satisfactory by its patients as well as by the other interested parties. Therefore, the clinic of Dr. Naoum satisfies all standard requirements covering its activity as a whole: beginning with the planning and development of new medical techniques and services, all the way through to the patient’s care even after her treatment/surgery.

ISO27001 is the most popular International Standard for Information Security Management Systems and it defines the requirements for the implementation, preservation and constant improvement of a system which manages the safety of the information received within the context of the organization. It includes the requirements for the assessment and confrontation of information security hazards, adapted to the needs of the clinic and considering the special nature of medical confidentiality. By satisfying this criterion, the clinic of Dr. Naoum provides full protection and confidential management of the data it receives. The correct use of this information takes place solely within the context of optimizing the personalized services rendered.

The clients can confirm in action that the aforementioned certifications make them feel safe when addressing Dr. Naoum, as they feel they have made the best choice regarding the services chosen and the procedures followed. Dr. Naoum’s unnegotiable priority and main concern is to ensure superior quality in every step of the contact between himself and his clinic, and the woman who will trust in him.

Dr. Naoum has made a conscious choice of loyally and unwaveringly following all rules governing the certification of the clinic’s operation through the ISO standard, which provides the necessary guarantees that every woman should look for, in order to trust her doctor and his clinic.

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