An alliance to reinforce Medical Tourism in Greece

Do you know that our country can offer extremely competitive advantages in order to become a top medical tourism destination? Our clinic, being the premium representative of Cosmetic Gynecology, supports this effort with all its forces.

The Cosmetic Gynecology οf Dr. Nikos Naoum is particularly honored to actively participate in the first Cluster of Hellenic Medical Tourism, as the sole representative of Cosmetic Gynecology in Greece.

Our clinic basically supports the effort of the Greek Medical Tourism Council (ELITOUR) to highlight Greece as an ideal medical tourism destination. Besides, it is expected that high quality Cosmetic Gynecology will form a hub attracting large numbers of women in the immediate future, thus giving them one more reason to visit our beautiful country.

As ELITOUR plays a decisive role in forming the necessary framework for the development of Medical Tourism in Greece, we are convinced that our clinic’s participation as the top representative of Cosmetic Gynecology can strongly contribute to the success of this goal: to elevate Greece into the status of a top, year-round destination in the field of medical tourism.

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