Why does it hurt when I ride the bike?


Most people cannot imagine that certain everyday activities such as riding the bike or taking a stroll with a scooter can be painful to some women. But why is that?

There is a group of women who, when riding the bike or performing other kinds of exercise with pressure between the buttocks, feel an annoying – often unbearable – pain in the genitals area. Some believe it is normal and the only solution they can resort to is avoiding these activities.

What they do not know is that intense pain is not normal – although common among a large group of women. It is a common problem, faced by many women – but thankfully there is a solution.

What is the cause of this discomfort?

Dr. Naoum, Surgeon Gynecologist, President of the Hellenic Society of Cosmetic and Reconstructive Gynecology, explains:

A possible deformity of the vulva, such as relaxed and long external labia, which reveal the so-called “camel toe“, can be a source of pain during exercise, intercourse or when riding two-wheeled vehicles. It can also be responsible for the difficulty in maintaining the appropriate hygiene in the area. Some women mention hurting not only when riding the bike, but also even when walking.

If therefore, one of these cases holds true for you, you may not have ever considered that this discomfort has a cause. You are not obliged to live with it, as there is an immediate solution which can remedy any problem in the genitals’ anatomy.

Labiaplasty is the solution

It is a delicate procedure which must be performed exclusively by specialized surgeons, mostly gynecologists with excellent knowledge of the anatomy of the female vagina. What does a woman need to know about this procedure?

What is the procedure?

Although this operation usually requires the scalpel, Dr. Naoum who specializes in Cosmetic Gynecology, is the first to have introduced in Greece the last-generation diode laser, therefore abolishing the scalpel or barely using it (on very rare cases). So, in just 1 hour the bloodless microoperation can take place. No scars, on signs, no pain. Women can be relieved from the problems caused by their anatomical particularities in that area.

How long is the healing time?

We have a habit of calling labiaplasty the “Friday operation” because working women usually book their appointment on Friday so that they can be back at work on Monday. So, it is not required for you to stay at the hospital, not even take a day off, as recovery is immediate and healing time is zero.

Will it hurt?

There is no pain during the surgery, nor afterwards. By using the laser, which is handled by specialized hands and with special local anesthesia, this surgery cannot be considered painful. The only thing that women must abide by is abstinence from sexual activity for twenty days following the procedure.

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