The operation that changed my life

The true story of Maria (her actual name has been changed for medical confidentiality reasons) who reveals how labiaplasty changed her life.

When I was young, I had not realized that I was any different from other girls. I thought all women shared the same anatomy.

Growing up and starting to have sexual relations, I remember a negative comment by the man who was to become my husband – that comment remained carved in my memory for over 27 years!

Since then, I started to avoid having often sex with my husband. Whenever we slept together, I kept the lights off. I did not want him to realize, however strange this may seem, that I am not… perfect.

The truth is I had no idea that labiaplasty even existed. I had asked my gynecologist at some point and she had said that there was nothing I could do. Of course, I never discussed with her the psychological troubles that had come from the anatomy of my genitalia.

Ι still had to wear shorts at the beach, as the problem was obvious in my bathing suit. Sometimes I even felt pain when trying to do an exercise at the gym …

Until one day, looking through the internet, I discovered I am not alone! Quite a few women have issues, to a larger or smaller extent, concerning their genitalia area. And there is a surgical procedure that can completely change that area: labiaplasty! It may sound too much, but I was overwhelmed to learn this!

I started having many thoughts: ‘Why should I have the operation? I am older now! My husband has accepted me the way I am! Will it hurt? Will I be able to workout? Will my disposition change? Will my husband understand this need of mine?’

Finally, after days of considering, I booked an appointment with Dr. Naoum. I saw actual ‘before’ and ‘after’ pictures. He explained to me how the surgery is done, that the healing time is very limited, that I would return to work immediately, and the most important thing: that I was doing the surgery first and foremost for me and then for anybody else! There is no age issue, there is no limitation in doing something for yourself, which can help your everyday life, your disposition or your sex life!

And so it happened. I had the operation, I did not have to spend one night at the hospital and the next day when I went out for coffee, I already felt… different! 1 month later, I am already working out much more easily, I tried wearing my bathing suit at the beach for the first time without feeling embarrassed and of course my sex life has changed! My husband was taken aback by the fact that Ι had not discussed this with him all these years, but he also immediately saw the difference in my mood – in fact, he said I should have done this sooner!

So, I realized just how many parts of a woman’s life can benefit from an operation which takes less than 2 hours, when you wake up being a totally different person!

The only mistake I made was that I had these brief doubts on whether… I was too old to do something for myself!

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