My vagina feels loose

All women dealing with the issue of their vagina’s relaxation are aware that it is quite a difficult situation. A relaxed vagina is linked to various issues, such as incontinence and infections. Also, the resulting reduction in sexual pleasure directly affects psychology and self-esteem.

To what is it due?

As all organs in our body, our vagina too ‘gets old’. This is the greatest truth that we can trace as a reason for the vagina’s relaxation. As our face and our other muscles show relaxation, the same holds true of the vagina. The female vagina shows very often relaxation following 1 or 2 natural childbirths.

How to confront the problem?

The good news is that the vagina’s relaxation can be confronted painlessly, quickly and definitively!

  • Especially in the cases of light relaxation, we can use the Vagitense laser in order to restore the vagina in its former, younger state. Two to three sessions are enough to achieve the immediate tightening of the vagina’s muscle walls, to increase the area’s collagen and elastane and to eradicate relaxation for good.
  • In cases of more intense relaxation, the vaginaplasty method is catalytical and restores the vagina in its normal diameter, immediately and painlessly. It is a precision operation requiring no healing time or hospitalization, and it offers a permanent solution.

In order to ascertain whether you need to apply one of the two methods, you can visit Dr. Naoum who is now the expert on Cosmetic and Reconstructive Gynecology.

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