Female Urinary Incontinence

Urinary incontinence is an issue for a considerable number of aging women. But it is not an issue to feel bad about, as Cosmetic Gynecology offers solutions to deal with this concern.

Where is it due and how is it addressed?

It is a gynecological issue which has always been affecting many women. But the truth is that only during recent years have women began to talk more freely about urinary incontinence and seek a solution to this issue that can seriously affect their everyday life and downgrade their quality of life.

It is worth noting that is quite common, especially as age progresses. Which are the causes that can lead to incontinence?

The most common causes leading to female incontinence

Number of childbirths
Numerous pregnancies or hard labors can cause lesions at the pelvic area. Also, after one or more natural childbirths, it is only logical that the vagina’s diameter will increase and stabilize itself at an opening of 4-5 centimeters, which also affects the urinary system.

Reduced production of estrogens causes lack of strength in the muscles of that area. This leads to the gradual relaxation of the urinary system, bringing symptoms of incontinence.

Gynecological surgery
Certain gynecological surgeries, such as abortions or removal of fibroids, can cause damage to the area’s tissues or nerves, thus affecting the urinary system.

Which procedures can resolve the problem?

The good news is that Medicine has evolved the methods of dealing with incontinence. We are no longer talking about classic surgery, but about bloodless, small-scale procedures which do not require hospitalization.

One of these procedures is vaginoplasty. This operation is performed only through new-generation diode Laser and only by specialized doctors. In Greece, Dr. Naoum is the most specialized and pioneering doctor in these new-generation procedures.

Some of the most important positive aspects of Laser vaginoplasty is that it is quick and does not require full anesthesia. Thanks to its laser technology, it does not destroy the area’s nerves and does not leave cuts or scars, nor does it require any stitches. Finally, the healing time is only 1-2 days.

Women can therefore not only get past the incontinence issue quickly, but they can also regain quality in their sex life, and their confidence regarding their image and functionality.

At the same time with vaginoplasty and given that the doctor deems it necessary, a corrective intervention can also take place at the outer genitals. Vaginoplasty can also assist the resolution of incontinence, because very often women present incontinence as well as deformities on the vaginal lips which can intensify the incontinence issue. The procedure lasts only for an hour and the specialized doctor can reform the area and put an end to the hygiene issues arising from relaxation or bad anatomy in that area.

The incontinence issue is therefore confronted through considering all parameters which can burden a woman, thus ensuring the best possible solution.

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