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It’s that awkward moment when you put on your leggings to hit the gym or take a walk. Or when you look yourself in the mirror and realize you have to change your outfit… Not because it doesn’t look good on you, nor because you have a few extra pounds. But because it shows the so-called ‘camel toe’ (which associatively refers to the fork at the edge of the camel’s toe).

What is the ‘camel toe’?

It is a deformity caused by loose or large vaginal lips. Scientists use the term ‘camel toe’ in order to describe the visible problem which occurs at the sensitive area. It can even be seen over a woman’s clothes. This deformity either exists since birth, or it develops due to hormonal disorders through time, affecting the area’s aesthetic aspect. It is an aesthetic issue that many women have to deal with. It is impressive to note that this anatomical feature is quite visible even underneath garments, causing great embarrassment to women, at the gym or in dance classes. Teenage girls are particularly vulnerable to this situation, as they are more sensitive against the teasing of their peers regarding their looks.

Is there a solution?

Thankfully, technology and science have moved forward, and they can remediate this issue quickly and painlessly. The solution is called labiaplasty.

It is microsurgery through laser, combined with the scalpel, if necessary. It offers precision, without cuts and scars, no marks and zero healing time and it solves this problem once and for all, in the most direct and immediate manner. The result is visible from the very same day, immediately after the operation.

This is why this procedure is called ‘the weekend operation’. A woman can have this operation on Friday and can return to her work and general activities on Monday. Most women who have had labiaplasty mention that on the very next day, they would walk around freely without any difficulty. And this also corroborated their increased confidence, thanks to this aesthetic improvement.

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