Feel like a woman again after motherhood

Every woman who becomes a mother is still a woman. However, this is sometimes easier said than done.

A woman becoming a mother faces many changes, besides welcoming her baby – this precious gift that she suddenly holds in her arms and must learn to love and take care of. She faces change not only in her manner of thinking and in her psychology. She must often adjust to a new body, which usually has few resemblances with the one she had before giving birth. Sometimes due to excessive pounds after pregnancy, there is relaxation on her body like the breast and belly, while important changes also happen at the ‘sensitive’ area, especially if she has had natural childbirth. In that case, it is possible that she will experience relaxion in the vagina area, due to the baby exiting the vagina. Moreover, it is possible that the entire aspect of the vulva will change, among other due to its surgical opening during delivery.

All these changes can adversely affect the psychology of the new mother and considerably affect the way in which she perceives her femininity and her essence as a woman. The danger of devoting herself completely to her role as a mother, turning her back to her feminine side, is lurking. This can result to reduced sexual appetite, it can affect negatively her sex life and lead her away from her romantic partner.

Moreover, about 15% of women experience postpartum depression. It is a type of clinical depression which can affect women after the birth of their child and can manifest itself from 24 hours to 6 months after the child’s birth. Symptoms vary and can include the mother’s reduced interest in her baby as well as in herself, lack of energy and concentration, unexplainable crying and sentimentality, sleep and appetite disorders. This situation requires immediate treatment from a psychiatric point of view, through medication.

Regarding the above, it is worth noting that all treatments offered today within the context of Cosmetic Gynecology can help the young woman who has just given birth to regain her femininity and confidence, to regain functionality at her ‘sensitive area’ and most of all, to love herself again, without denying her sexuality.

A holistic approach to all issues, aesthetic and functional, which may arise after childbirth for her body, can help the young mother’s psychology, so that she can continue feeling like a woman and be in tune with her feminine nature, apart from having become a mother.

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