Autologous PRP

  • Stem cells treatment for the genitalia!

It sounds peculiar, but very interesting! It is a totally new treatment, based on a world patent and it has been tried and tested abroad for years. It is presented in Greece for the first time exclusively by Dr. Nikolaos Naoum, who is the expert in Reconstructive Gynecology.

  • What is it exactly?

The autologous PRP introduces a totally new field, that of Genetic Reconstructive Gynecology. The use of factors from our own body (such as plasma or stem cells) has been used for many years in medical cosmetology, in face or body treatments. For the first time, elements from our own body can be used in the genitals area for permanent reconstruction, tightening and correction of aesthetic problems!

  • How does it work?

This procedure does not require anesthesia nor visiting the hospital. It takes place solely by a specialized physician, who collects plasma and stem cells from your body in a completely painless procedure. After a special and immediate processing, these are injected in the external genitals. The autologous injection of stem cells lasts 30 minutes maximum, while results are immediately visible.

  • Why should I do this?

With the course of time, collagen and elastane decrease in our body, leading to our well-known relaxation. This happens not only on our face, but in all organs, as well as in the genitals. When ageing, and especially after giving birth naturally 1 or 2 times, women can naturally see relaxation in the genitals area, which creates psychological and functional problems, adversely affecting even their sex life.

Also, an open vagina significantly affects the woman’s hygiene, as the area is vulnerable to bacteria and other microorganisms. It has been found that women with relaxed vaginas are more prone to mycosis, sinusitis, etc.

Also let’s not forget that stem cell treatment can also correct small scale deformities in the area, where there is no need for vaginaplasty, such as a small asymmetry in the vagina labiae, etc.

  • How long do results last?

The result is permanent, as there is no ‘foreign’ substance which enters and is gradually absorbed by your system! It is a completely personalized treatment coming from your body… exclusively for you! In just 30 minutes, the genitals area is remodeled, small asymmetries or deformities are fixed, you avoid the danger of frequent infections and you discover your new self.

The autologous PRP changes realities in Reconstructive Gynecology, as it has immediate effects and it is ideal for the cases not requiring surgery. Come try the most pioneering therapy in Greece!

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