Antiaging for the intimate area

There are many things that a woman can do to hide years off her face. But what happens when she takes off her underwear? The traces of time can be ruthless when it comes to the genitals area, thus revealing her true age. Is there anything that she can do to help antiaging in that area?

In order to fight skin or body aging and to delay aging signs, women use an array of specialized creams or they choose noninvasive as well as invasive therapies. But what happens with genitals? This area is also subject to aging, just like any other part of our body. Therefore, the signs of time are visible there too. In fact, showing aging signs in the intimate area can come into contrast with a face and body that have received better care in order to hide the years.

What happens through the course of time?

Gradually, the production of collagen and elastine decreases in our body, thus affecting all our organs. While aging, we observe a relaxation at the labia and the vagina areas, especially in the case of 1 or 2 natural childbirths.

What problems arise?

Women face three different kinds of problems related to their perinatal area:

Aesthetic: Women can feel bad about their genital area, as the relaxation of the labia is not only obvious when they are naked, but also when wearing tights or a bathing suit (known as ‘camel toe’). Moreover, other aging signs, such as the darker hue and the lack of volume undermine the image of that area, thus troubling women and their partners.

Functional: Relaxed labia lips can first of all hinder everyday hygiene, resulting in frequent cases of mycosis and sinusitis, due to the fact that the area cannot be adequately cleaned. Also, it is often painful to work out or even to have sexual intercourse. Finally, a relaxed vagina, resulting from childbirth, can significantly reduce sexual satisfaction for women as well as for their partners.

Psychological:  When a woman must deal with these functional and aesthetic problems everyday, it is only natural that she lacks in morale and that has low self-esteem. This unfortunately falls on her sexual expression and can negatively impact her sex life – a situation which immediately back clashes on her partner.

What does the anti-ageing procedure for the genitalia mean?

Based on absolute specialization and new technologies, we can now deal with all issues surrounding the genitals area, which either preexisted since birth or which came into being during a woman’s life. The most common therapies composing a holistic therapy for the antiaging of the vaginal area are the following:

  • Autologous PRP:This is the absolute therapy to deal with the vagina’s relaxation, which begins to take place once collagen production decreases. This treatment takes place in the medical cabinet, with no need for hospitalization and it involves the use of stem cells from our own body, which are injected in the area requiring reformation, thus ensuring excellent aesthetic results.
  • Labiaplasty: Labiaplasty can restore any small or large relaxation of the vagina’s labia and it recreates a completely harmonious, youthful and attractive image for the vagina.
  • Vaginoplasty:It is required when we are dealing with considerable vaginal relaxation due to 1 or 2 child births. This procedure ensures the necessary tightening of the vagina, so that women can enjoy their sex life.
  • Bleaching: Through the course of time, the area of the vagina has a tendency of darkening, thus revealing a woman’s age. Whitening this area, and combining this procedure with the other therapies, ensures a totally youthful aesthetic result.
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